The Herne Bay Lawn Tennis Club committee for the 2018/19 season is as follows:

  • Chair
Anne Gibbs
  • Vice Chair
Bob Toye
  • Secretary
Sue Toye
  • Treasurer
Ian Cooke
  • Captain / Match Secretary
Peter Elsden
  • Club Coach
Nicola Mileham
  • Committee Members:
Jerry Loader
  Helen Lipyeat
  Mark Townsend
  Lionel Hoskins
  Dan Walker

Katrina Horobin


The Club Child Protection and Welfare Officer is Katrina Horobin

In line with new safeguarding regulations for our welfare officer and in the interests of raising awareness with regard to issues of diversity, please find attached the LTA document detailing the British Tennis Diversity policy. Herne Bay Tennis Club is keen to show its commitment to this policy of tolerance and inclusion, so please read this document carefully and ensure that you adhere to all its tenets and advice.