20th May. 14

The summer season is in full swing for Herne Bay tennis club with matches taking place in 4 different leagues. In the Kent League the ladies 1st team are having an excellent start to their campaign in division 1. They followed up the win in their 1st match with two further wins. They travelled to Bromley LTC to play their 2nd team and won 3-1 with Louise Tucker/Anne Gibbs winning both their rubbers in straight sets and Nicola Mileham/Debbie Holden winning one in a match tie-break and narrowly losing in other, also in a match tie-break. In the most recent match they played Beckenham 1st team at home and won by 9 games. The team was able to take advantage of the absence of 3 of Beckenham’s 1st team and although both pairs, Nicola and Kay Mileham and Anne Gibbs/Sue Toye, lost to their 1st pair they both dropped just 2 games against the weak 2nd pair. The match was tied on rubbers, 2-2, and sets, 4-4, but Bay won by 37 games to 28 and are top of division 1 with 3 wins out of 3. The ladies 2nd team were unlucky to lose at home to a strong Bexley 1 in division 2 by a set. Three of the rubbers went to a deciding match tie-break and Herne Bay won 2 of them but the rubber they lost in straight sets turned out to be decisive giving Bexley the win by 6 sets to 5. Both pairs won one rubber and the team was Danielle Miles/Sue Toye and Debbie Holden/Caroline Packer. Ladies 3 had to travel to Frindsbury with just one pair to play their 2nd team in division 6. Despite Sarah Pout/Christine Hanson winning both their rubbers they lost the match by 7 games. In the Men’s Kent League, the 1st team lost away to Canterbury 1 in division 2, Peter Elsden/Ian Cooke won the rubber. But men’s 3 had 2 good wins in division 9. They played Gravesham 3 away and won by a set and then had an excellent 4-0 win at home to Bearsted 2. In the match at Gravesham both Bay pairs, Dave Lawrence/Eddie Fisher and Bob Toye/Guy Farmer beat the oppositions 2nd pair easily and Lawrence and Fisher took a set from their 1st pair. Against Bearsted, Matt Hoffmeister replaced Toye and won both his rubbers in straight sets. The team are currently second in the division with 2 wins out of 3. In the mixed league the second team lost1-3 to a strong Bexley 2 in division 2, Graham & Danielle Miles won the only rubber in a match tie-break.
All Herne Bay team have been active In the midweek league. The mens veterans team have played twice winning both 4-0. The 1st match was away to Deal ITC and the second at home to Canterbury 2. The team for both matches was Graham Miles/Ian Cooke and Martin Beckley/Jerry Loader. Midweek ladies 1 and 2 have both played once and both lost on sets. Ladies 1 lost by 2 sets at home to Sevenoaks 1 in division 1 – Anne Gibbs/Debbie Holden won both their rubbers in match tie-breaks. The ladies 2 played away at Deal and in a marathon match went down by one set. The 1st round took 2 hours as both rubbers went to a match tie-break and the teams were level on rubbers and sets but Bay led by one game at the end of it. In the 2nd round fatigue obviously played a part and only one of the rubbers went to a match tie-break! The unlucky and exhausted team was Vanessa Webb/Christine Hanson and Mary Gibbon/Diana Hugh. The mixed veterans played their 1st match of the season away to Canterbury. It was an extremely close contestant with both sides fielding county players. In the 1st round Ian Cooke/Anne Gibbs made a slow start losing the 1st 5 games but then recovered to finally drop the 1st set 3-6. They then won the 2nd set to 4 but lost the match tie-break by 6 points to 10. Kay Mileham/Keith Clark beat the Canterbury 2nd pair 6-1 and then 6-4 in a much tighter 2nd set. In the second round Cooke and Gibbs won 3 and 0 and Mileham & Clark also won 4-6, 7-5 and 10-1 in the tie-break to give the Bay a 3-1 win. Only one match has ben played in the East Kent league and that resulted in a 4-0 win at home for ladies 2 in division 2. The match was played in horrendously windy conditions and the team, Vanessa Webb/Denise Parrett and Anja Stileman/Helen Lipyeat, did well to stay focussed as the ball moved around all over the place.
In the Dover and District league mens A started their season in division 1 winning by 6 sets to 2 away at Hythe. Both pairs, Graham Miles/Alex Kazakeos and Beckley/Loader won 3 sets. The mixed A team, Graham Miles/Nicola Mileham and Ian Cooke/Sue Toye, had a very convincing 8-0 win at home to St Margaret’s in division 2.