24th Oct. 11

Even though the weather is still warm and sunny the winter tennis season is now in full swing at Herne Bay tennis club. There have been matches for teams in both the Kent League and the Kent veterans League. The mens 1st team have played twice in division 4 and lost both but only missed out by a set at home to Bromley Wendover 2. The mens 3rd team travelled to Bromley LTC to play their 5th team and won by 2 games. Both Dave Lawrence/Dave Clements and Bob Toye/Gary Smith beat the opposition’s 2nd pair and lost to their 1st but managed to win the match by 38 games to 36. The ladies 2nd team also had a very close game in division 4 away to Sydenham 2. They eventually won 3-1 but the match was in the balance right until the last ball was hit. In the 1st round both Herne Bay pairs, Sue Toye/Daniele Miles and Vanessa Webb/Debbie Holden, won in championship tie-breaks. Going into the 2nd round Herne Bay needed to win another rubber to be sure of winning the match but Toye/Miles lost their rubber to the 2nd pair in yet another championship tie-break. It all rested on the result of the rubber between Webb/Holden and the Sydenham 1st pair which started badly for the Bay pair when they lost the 1st set 2-6 and were 2-4 down in the 2nd set. They managed to stage a comeback to win that set 6-4 and started yet another championship tie-break. After going 6-9 down they rallied to take the tie-break 11-9 so securing the set, the rubber and the match. The mixed 1st team travelled to Sevenoaks to play a very strong Sevenoaks side in division 1 and lost 4-0. They only managed to take 1 set. The mixed 2nd team were much more successful at home to Gravesham 1 in division 4. The opposition were only able to send 1 pair and the home side won 4-0. The team was Keith Clark/Sue Toye and Graham and Danielle Miles. In the veterans leagues there were wins for both the men and the ladies 1st team in division 1. The men travelled to Oakwood and won by 2 sets. Both pairs beat the opposition 2nd pair and took a set from their 1st pair. The team was Martin Beckley/Keith Clark and Graham Miles/Ian Cooke. Finally the ladies were at home to an under strength Sevenoaks 1st team and they only just managed to take advantage of the situation. In the 1st round Anne Gibbs/Kay Mileham lost 6-4, 6-3 to the Sevenoaks 1st pair and Sarah Pout/Christine Hanson won 6-4, 6-2. At the end of the 1st round Herne Bay lead by a game. In the 2nd round both pairs were aware that games were critical and Pout/Hanson managed to take 2 from the Sevenoaks 1st pair. Meanwhile Gibbs/Mileham were trying to win without losing many games and they managed this by just dropping the 2. The win was secured by 1 game!