Ian & Dani win Tournament

5th Jul. 10

The club held its Annual Longest Day Tournament last week in which 12 mixed pairs competed. The pairs were initially divided into 3 groups of 4 and the winners of each group plus the best runners-up progressed to the semi-finals. The groups finished with several players tied on the same number of games and the semi-finalists had to be decide by the toss of a coin in some cases. The 1st semi was Martin Beckley/Liz Harvey against Graham and Dani Miles and the 2nd was between Ian Cooke/Sarah Pout and Debbie Holden/Peter Grimwood. Cooke and Pout won the most games in the 2nd semi and the 1st resulted in a tie with all 4 players winning 4 games. The finalists were decided by a tie-break to 5 points and the Miles’ pair won. In the final Cooke and Dani Miles both won 5 games and were the overall winners.