Results of the Club Finals

26th Sep. 10

The club held their Finals on Sunday. The singles events both had youngsters in them challenging the older defending champions. In the men’s singles Peter took on Alex Kazakeos and although the match had some very competitive points Peter’s experience and guile proved decisive and he won with the loss of 2 games. In the ladies singles Anne was defending her title against Danielle who was playing in her 1st Senior club final. Danielle was very nervous and this showed in her lack of consistency and she succumbed 1 & 2 to the much steadier Anne who contented herself on getting as many balls back into play as possible and waiting for her opponent to make the mistake. Both the youngsters showed themselves capable of playing excellent points and it is only a matter of time before they will be pushing their older rivals much harder. In the ladies doubles Anne teamed up with Louise to play Debbie and Christine in a repeat of last year’s final. Anne and Louise were too strong for their opponents and won with the loss of just 1 game. The mens doubles final, which was also a repeat of last year’s, turned out to be the most competitive when it went to 3 sets. Martin and Graham won a close 1st set by just one break of service, 6-4 and then Peter and Ian hit back to lead 5-1 in the 2nd set and eventually closed that set out 6-3. In the final set Martin’s stomach injury became more of a problem, especially when serving, and Peter/Ian where able to take advantage winning that set 6-1. This was reversal of last year’s final which also went to 3 sets and was the 1st title Ian had won after playing at the club for over 25 years. Unfortunately the mixed final could not be played because Martin’s injury made it impossible so that will be played between Peter/Louise and Martin/Anne when he has recovered.